Thursday, April 22, 2010

with love

the momentarily silence was the transition-ing into college life period XD i had to use my TIME wisely by going out and spending time with the nz cousin & the others :P
oh oh! i aint "L"embu anymore ! :P

ah, cooking classes. err, i meant classes is going to begin! excited much! ill entertain u with pictured! now, @ the time being. be BORE!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

there's more to life..

than just sitting, thinkingm emo-ing & worrying :P

get ur butts off, and hit the road! :D just an quick update!
*honk honk* make way for noddie! XD i meant claire XD ahh, cars in shah alam pls be nice and stay off d roads, so tht i can pass and drive myself *secretly don't want too,somtimes being chauffeured is better! :P*. hehe. thankyou thankyou!

i'm starting COOLege *hopefullly! in less than 20days time :P and yes, to those who may concerned, Ive registered! XD no more slacking. i hope, all goes well! (fingers cross!)

I'll come back with pictures! cousin from land of SHEEPs was over so ive been kept busy & spending quality time >:P and late nights! tap tap! food! ah, the bliss.
till then.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

superb scones :D

Obviously its good stuff! :D ok la, not self-praising :P i'm so happy it turned out the way it is! that's why its not stone scone but superb scones! kekekek.. i think its cause of the failure of my meringue yesterday :( oh well, i'll try that another day. new day, new experiment indeed! its like my own little classroom! :) can't wait to start the real class @ real environment tho! hehe. April, im looking forward to your arrival!

all you need for this superb cheese scones are 250g self-raising flour, 3oz butter (duh!), a pinch of salt, an egg, milk & cheese*optional* u can put choco chips, sun dried tomato or whatever! mix all till combine to a dough!
because i do not own a camera just yet (hopefully because of this, the parents will get me one XD), therefore when only the camera arrived, i had the chance to snap a pic or two.

ohh, can u see the oozing of cheese :P

it comes in many sizes LOL!

If you wished to be my crash test dummy, dun hesitate to give me a call! XD

Sunday, March 28, 2010

sushi sashimi suzuki !

Well, last friday, the girls & i had a fun time making & experimenting with sushiii :P Like obviously, i did all the prep work n stuff, to make it easier for all parties XD
i on the other hand, couldn't resist the smell o the sushi, & hence made a roll for myself to start off without them. they were 'fashionably LATE!' lol
moving on.. we started the journey of SUSHI!!!
what this involves are: jap rice, jap cucumber sliced into long thin strips*,carrot sliced*,fish egg*,egg*,corn*,mayo* .. etc
*optional! have fun with sushi thts all i can say! :P

one of the 'many' ingredient
first to go!

2nd to go!

hungry person brought food to cure hunger :P

the unsuccessful lol, which became good source of food for the hunger us :P

she was insane. just look @ her sushi! it couldn't even close, it EXPLODED!!!

our PRODUCT. want some? i do! i do!

hungry people fighthing for good food :P

tired, after a long hard & 'stressful' day of 'work' LOL!

p/s: bring back all my tupperwares!! :D

looking forward to our next experiment! spongebob mac&cheese soon to be revealed! :P
oh oh, to those who are curious & excited as many, i am going to register for college. . . soon lah it'll be whole lot fun and new experiences. cant wait!
In the mean time, i'm looking forward to get my P license and do everything possible before this super long break//'vacation' of mine end :D good night!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

d experiment :D

Ok so i decided to move the lazy butt of mine & 'explored' the kitchen. i have pledge to be like Julie in Julie&Julia. The one who's inspired to make new dishes by the ancient Julia & sets a target to do so. Awesome much? Let's hope it works out :P excited much.

Well, today marks the first day, therefore 1st dish. i wouldn't call it a dish, more like dessert. who cares. it's eatable anyways HAHA! well, but of course with my sometimes laziness, i think ill not cook/bake everyday. i have a life OK! XD let's be positive, shalln't we?

It's round, green n CUTE! its d famous onde-onde :) i've tried it once, but it was a total failure, i guess practice makes perfect aye?
it's really really easy to make, just like making the dough for tong yuan, the one u eat when its full moon i think end of the year one :P! u need tepung gandum, pandan juice, santan & pinch of salt. & gula melaka for the inside.

green little cute balls! i think i'll make red balls for BRATs James THIEN :P

walah! the end product!
the "fine dining" style XD
with love!

oh oh, look what i came across dear BRATs while shopping @ old klang road with my mother..



YAMMMM! ..chocolate sprinkles.. :P